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Autism Puzzles is a Registered Charity providing an outreach service for families at the start of their autism journey.

Our aim is to support the family as a whole to help them achieve positive outcomes for themselves.

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We are extremely excited and privileged to announce that ASDinfoWales have chosen us and NAS Swansea to assist them with the filming of their children’s post diagnosis programme.

They are making a couple of films in the style of ‘The One Show’ with parents asking questions about issues they may be experiencing or concerns they have, with professionals providing advice and guidance. The film is being created due to the uneven range of support post diagnosis and they want to ensure parent/carers are able to access the information they need.

We will post more information in the next few weeks asking parent/carers to get involved with the filming.

Watch this space…

AP Rangers Session – 16th October 2017

The AP Rangers had a brilliant session this week. The children had lots of fun, whilst learning skills which do not come naturally to most people on the autism spectrum.

Part of the criteria for an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis, is having difficulty with social communication. For many autistics, this means that correctly reading body language is much harder than for their neurotypical peers. Football can assist with both reading body language and social imagination. In football, players need to instinctively know the next few moves that each team is likely to make, and this is where social imagination and body language come in. From knowing whether someone is about to pass you the ball from a slight nod of the head, to thinking that if you pass the ball now, you’re setting up a goal attempt (and that the person you’re passing to has the same thought as you) all make use of these skills. The knowledge gained on the pitch can then be taken into other areas, making social communication in general that much easier.

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Parc Play Family Fun

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The children had so much fun in our family fun session at Parc Play on Tuesday. During these sessions, we hire Parc exclusively for our families, and pass on a discounted entry fee. This means [...]

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