Children’s Clubs

AP Rangers

Many children with autism love football, however social communication difficulties mean that it is not always possible for them to join a mainstream football club.

AP Rangers is our inclusive team for 8 -16 year olds which meet every Monday evening* at Maes y Coed Community Centre. There is a proven link between an autistic person learning and playing a team sport, and improvement in social communication and theory of mind. The children all love to play, and are always included regardless of ability, both physically and cognitively. With qualified coaches, and the AP staff on hand, we can support parent/carers help their child get the most out of the sessions, all while having lots of fun.

*Term time only

Food and Play

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Cardiff County Council who are providing food and play sessions for our children every Monday evening* at Maes y Coed Community Centre.

The sessions alternate between planning a healthy meal or snack, and the children making their designs. From smoothies to pizza pockets, the children have great fun with their creations, and learn about making healthier choices at mealtimes. As food can be a great source of distress for autistic people, the relaxed and fun environment can introduce new foods and textures without the pressure usually felt at standard mealtimes.

The qualified play-workers also provide and manage sporting activities during the sessions, and the AP Lego corner is always available.

*Term time only

Coding Club with Codez Academy – Sponsored by Go Compare

From October 2017, we have the fantastic opportunity of running a 10 week coding club for our children with Codez Academy, sponsored by Go Compare.

There is a wealth of research which links the benefits of children learning to code, teaching children skills which will benefit them both now with the development of ‘computational thinking’ (the ability to communicate thoughts in a logical and structured way) and in future career prospects, as the world becomes more and more digital.

There is also a huge link between autism and careers in computing and other technologies. From the geeky glamour of Silicon Valley to the German company Auticon specifically seeking out and hiring autistic people for coding and other technological jobs, the knowledge gained by our children through this workshop could be invaluable to them throughout life.